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Study of Possibility and Conditions of Using Preplaced Aggregate Concrete under Water and in Marine Structures

  • By Mohsen Soltani (2004)
  • Supervisor Mohammad Shekarchi
  • Adviser Mahdi Ghalibafian

Behavioral Evaluation of the Chloride Diffusion Coefficient into Concrete Using ANFIS

  • By Fathollah Mahmoudzadeh (2004)
  • Supervisor Mohammad Shekarchi, Asadollah Nourzad
  • Adviser Mohammad Rahimian

Solving the Diffusion Equation Using a Mesh Free Method and Its Application to Predict the Service Life of Concrete Structures

  • By Hossein Taghados (2004)
  • Supervisor Asadollah Nourzad
  • Adviser Mohammad Shekarchi, Mohammad Rahimian

The Effect of Different Exposure Conditions on the Chloride Diffusion into Concrete in Persian Gulf Region

  • By Pouria Ghods (2004)
  • Supervisor Mohammad Shekarchi, Ali Akbar Ramezanianpour
  • Adviser Mehdi Tafazoli

Effect of Different Curing Conditions on the Diffusion of the Chloride Ion into Concrete in Persian Gulf Region Comparing with Results of Laboratory Experiments

  • By Rouhollah Alizadeh (2004)
  • Supervisor Mahdi Ghalibafian, Ali Akbar Ramezanianpour
  • Adviser Akbar Hashemi
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