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Evaluation of Seismic Vulnerability of R.C. Tunnel-Form Building Structures and Methods to Provide Their Seismic Performance

  • By Hossein Yousefpour (2009)
  • Supervisor Rasoul Mirghaderi, Mohammad Shekarchi
  • Adviser Abdoreza Sarvghad Moghadam

Multi Resolution Wavelet Analysis and Enriched Radial Basis Functions for the Adaptive Solution of Nearly Singular PDEs

  • By Nicolas Ali Libre (2009)
  • Supervisor Mohammad Shekarchi
  • Adviser Mohammad Rahimian, Edward Kanza, Asadollah Nourzad

An Investigation on the Stability of Mesh Free Methods Based on Strong Form Formulation

  • By Arezoo Emdadi (2009)
  • Supervisor Mohammad Shekarchi
  • Adviser Mohammad Rahimian, Asadollah Nourzad, Edward Kanza

Study on Relationship between Free and Bound Chloride in Concrete Structures Placed in Persian Gulf Region

  • By Ali Dousti (2009)
  • Supervisor Mohammad Shekarchi
  • Adviser Mohsen Tadayon

Functional Study on Properties of Decorative Concrete in Different Climates

  • By Fatemeh Fallah (2008)
  • Supervisor Mohammad Shekarchi
  • Adviser Mahmood Golabchi
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