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Conference Papers


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Conference Papers

Preliminary study of half cell and corrosion rate of reinforced concrete specimens in tidal and splash zones in Gheshm Island region (in Persian)

  • Shekarchi M., Valipour M. and Pargar F. (2009)
  • First National Conf. on Concrete, Tehran, Iran, 9 pages.

Corrosion evaluation of a reinforced concrete jetty in Persian Gulf (in Persian)

  • Moradi F., Dousti A. Shekarchi M. (2009)
  • First National Conf. on Concrete, Tehran, Iran,11 pages.

Parameters influencing the behavior of concrete in crude oil environment (in Persian)

  • Samani N., Mousavi M. and Shekarchi M. (2009)
  • First National Conf. on Concrete, Tehran Iran, 14pages.

Oxygen permeability as a criterion for evaluation of concrete durability (in Persian)

  • Tadayon M. H., Shekarchi M. and Tadayon M. (2009)
  • First National Conf. on Concrete, Tehran Iran, 15 pages.

Experimental modeling of compressive concrete elements strengthened with shape memory alloys

  • Mirzaee Z., Shekarchi M., Motovali M and Nili M. (2009)
  • First Int. Conf. on Concrete Technology, Tabriz, Iran, 8 pages.
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