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Journal Papers


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Journal Papers

Evaluation of concrete drying shrinkage related to moisture loss

  • Reza Abbasnia, Mohammad Shekarchi, and Jamal Ahmadi
  • ACI Materials Journal, Volume 110, 2013

Comparing a natural pozzolan, zeolite, to metakaolin and silica fume in terms of their effect on the durability characteristics of concrete: A laboratory study

  • Mahdi Valipour, Farhad Pargar, Mohammad Shekarchi, Sara Khani
  • Construction and Building Materials, Volume 41, 2013

An investigation on the use of zeolite aggregates for internal curing of concrete

  • Sadegh Ghourchian, Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Pietro Lura, Mohammad Shekarchi, Babak Ahmadi
  • Construction and Building Materials, Volume 40, 2013

Effect of mineral admixtures on fluidity and stability of self-consolidating mortar subjected to prolonged mixing time

  • Iman Mehdipour, Mehran Seyed Razzaghi, Kamran Amini, Mohammad Shekarchi
  • Construction and Building Materials, Volume 40, 2013

Effect of workability characteristics on the hardened performance of FRSCCMs

  • Iman Mehdipour, Nicolas Ali Libre, Mohammad Shekarchi, Maryam Khanjani
  • Construction and Building Materials, Volume 40, 2013
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