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Journal Papers


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Journal Papers

Behaviour of slurry infiltrated fibre concrete (SIFCON) under triaxial compression

  • Yaghoob Farnam, Mahdi Mousavi, Mohammad Shekarchi, Saeed Karim Babanajad, Alireza Bagherzadeh
  • Cement and Concrete Research, Volume 40, 2010

Concrete basic creep prediction based on time-temperature equivalence relation and short-term tests

  • Omid Reza Barani, Davood Mostofinejad, Mohammad Mehdi Saadatpour, Mohammad Shekarchi
  • The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Volume 35, 2010

Investigation of corrosion damage and repair system in a concrete jetty structure

  • Farid Moradi Marani, Mohammad Shekarchi, Ali Dousti, Barzin Mobasher
  • Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, Volume 24, 2010

Relationship between fluidity and stability of self-consolidating mortar incorporating chemical and mineral admixtures

  • Nicolas Ali Libre, Rahil Khoshnazar, Mohammad Shekarchi
  • Construction and Building Materials, Volume 24, 2010

Aggregate: a key ingredient of self-consolidating concrete

  • Mohammad Shekarchi, Nicolas Ali Libre, Rahil Khoshnazar
  • Concrete Plant International, 2010
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