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Research Areas


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Research Areas

MetakaolinMetakaolin (MK) is a pozzolanic material. It is obtained by the calcination of kaolinic clay at a temperature ranging between 500 °C and 800 °C. The raw material input in the manufacture of metakaolin (Al2Si2O7) is kaolin. Metakaolin in reaction with CH, produces CSH gel at ambient temperature and reacts with CH to produce alumina-containing phases, including C4AH13, C2ASH8, and…
Worldwide, urban wastewater systems are facing biogenic sulfuric acid (BSA) corrosion of concrete. This corrosion severely compromises the integrity of the infrastructure, necessitates costly repair replacement of failed structures.BSA corrosion is a result of the sulfur cycle that occurs in sewer networks. Under anaerobic conditions, sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from sulfur compounds present in the sewage.…
Decorative concrete is the process that takes concrete beyond its perceived image as just another utilitarian construction material and transforms it into an attractive, vibrant and innovating medium that may be customized to meet any decor, construction style, pattern, color etc, while still serving its function as an integral part of the building itself such as floors, walls, driveways and…
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