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Research Areas


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Research Areas

The premature deterioration of reinforced concrete structures in the harsh environmental conditions of the Marine Environment especially in Persian Gulf region causes reduction of service life in these structures. To restoring or increasing of service life and efficient operation in deteriorated of RC structures, it is necessary repair and\or rehabilitation activates accomplished.
Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) is known as a highly flowable yet stable concrete. It can flow easily under its own weight and fill restricted formworks with no need for vibration. Application of SCC can result in lots of advantages, both economic and technical, for the engineers and contractors. Specially, SCC can provide the following benefits: Reduce construction time. Reduce noise on…
Concrete Durability is such a problem that need exact attention, if not, it cause so much excessive cost to country economic. Hence, knowing concrete durability harmful factors is essential. One of the common harmful factors is Chloride diffusion and reinforcement corrosion. The Persian Gulf area in south of Iran in order of special geographical conditions such as temperature, moisture content,…
Flowable fill, or controlled Low Strength Concrete, is gaining greater acceptance and use as a backfill material, particularly for work around pipes and culverts. Flowable fill easily enters difficult access areas, provides a relatively uniform compaction density, is self-leveling, and requires minimal crew and equipment for application. With these attributes, plus the ability to control its strength in cases requiring…
Lightweight concrete performance after producing of artificial lightweight aggregates in early 20th century moved to a new phase, so that the use of lightweight concrete in deck slabs of High Rise Buildings, bridge decks and other similar cases such as special application of lightweight concrete in oil extraction deck and oil-drilling basements.Wide range of lightweight aggregates is used for producing…
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