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About Us

Construction Material Institute (CMI) at the University of Tehran was established in 2001 through the efforts of Drs. Mehdi Ghalibafian, Mohammad Shekarchi, Mahdi Chini, Meghdad Hoseini, Pouria Ghods and Rouhollah Alizadeh. CMI’s mandate was set to facilitate the transfer of academic insight to the construction industry and address the need for knowledge-based solutions in the construction sector. CMI has successfully conducted numerous industrial research projects that have led to the resolution of several major practical problems related to the durability of concrete, health monitoring, repair, rehabilitation and corrosion assessment of concrete infrastructure, performance-based quality control of concrete and controlled concrete mixture design.
CMI has trained hundreds of graduate students and technicians who are currently pursuing industrial or academic endeavors. CMI has organized several workshops, has participated in many national industrial and government projects, and has collaborated with other academic experts from different universities in order to enhance the quality of construction materials and address the sustainability issues in the construction sector.

Vision Statement
To become the leading building materials research institute in the Middle East.

Mission Statement
To offer advanced and efficient technology- and knowledge-based solutions to the construction companies.
To train the next generation of civil engineers with superior expertise in the technology, durability and performance aspects of concrete materials.

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