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Flowable Fill

Flowable fill, or controlled Low Strength Concrete, is gaining greater acceptance and use as a backfill material, particularly for work around pipes and culverts. Flowable fill easily enters difficult access areas, provides a relatively uniform compaction density, is self-leveling, and requires minimal crew and equipment for application. With these attributes, plus the ability to control its strength in cases requiring either re-excavation (lower strengths) or heavy surface loads (higher strengths), flowable fill is the solution being recommended by concrete producers for private and public service projects.


Using of waste and byproduct materials is on of the major environment protection methods. One of these productions is stone-cutting factories wastes.

Flowable fill mixtures are usually comprised of combinations of cement, water, fine aggregate, and fly ash or slag. Due to the nature of the product, many materials that do not meet the quality standards for use in concrete have been used successfully in flowable fill mixtures. Chemical admixtures specifically developed for use in flowable fill mixtures have also become more commonly-used as a result of their unique benefits on the performance properties of the mixture.

Most Flowable Fill performances are bedding and backfill for utility trenches, paving subbase, bridge abutment and retaining wall backfill. Recent laws passed by the Environmental Protection Agency concerning below-grade fuel tanks have resulted in an increased use of flowable fill in other void-filling applications such as abandoned tanks, basements, tunnels and mines, sewers, and other underground structures.

Flowable Fill properties are as follows:

-        Flowable Fill required materials is at hand.

-        Easy transportation, filling and compaction of produced material

-        Rapid strength gaining and returning to service

-        Limited shrinkage

-        Probability of further excavation and  Flowable Fill removing

-        Limited need to inspection in contrast with soil and ordinary Concrete and reduction of required equipments.


CMI expertise has investigated the probability of using wastes in Flowable Fill. The results showed appropriate properties of this material for using in above applications.

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