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Saturday, 22 March 1394 03:25

Publication of guide book to Ready-mixed Concrete and its application

Construction Materials Institute of the Faulty of Engineering of the University of Tehran has published a guide book to ready-mixed concrete by Dr Shekarchizadeh, Mr Eftekhar, Mr Haji-Esmaili.


Ready-mixed concrete and its application in construction and its main elements are introduced in the first chapter of this book. In the second chapter, properties of the main materials used in ready-mixed concrete including their effect on fresh and hardened concrete properties and also the principles of mix design are discussed. In the third chapter, various testing methods are presented , most of which can be used at Q.C. units based on ASTM standards. Given that compressive strength is the main criteria that is evaluated in Q.C. units of ready-mixed concrete production, the fourth chapter explains the methods for interpretation of results obtained from compressive strength tests and the reason for variations in results. Many areas in our country are situated in warm and cold weather and so a large amount of ready-mixed concrete is produced in such conditions. In this regard, the fifth chapter states the basics of cold and hot weather and then explains the methods and ways in which to prevent quality reduction in concrete production for such conditions. In the sixth chapter, a summary for construction of ready-mixed components and also quality control methods are mentioned.

It is hoped that the publication of this book is useful in increasing the engineering knowledge of students and practitioners involved in ready-mixed concrete throughout the country.

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