The first technical workshop of ready mixed concrete and precast concrete elements

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012 07:55

The first technical workshop of ready mixed concrete and precast concrete elements

In order to encourage an increase in the scientific knowledge of engineers and contractors involved in ready mixed concrete and precast concrete elements; Construction Material Institute of the University of Tehran in cooperation with Iran Concrete Institute have organized a technical workshop of ready mixed concrete and precast concrete elements. To use the experience of other countries and both national & international research centers, and to state the factors effecting qualitative & quantitative improvement of the ready mixed concrete industry, are the goals of this technical workshop.

Workshop topics:

Aggregate material: The process of producing aggregate material and their improvement in quality during production are explained in this workshop. The requirements necessary for material depots for workshops will also be considered.

Concrete mix design: The process of determining the ratios of concrete components which are as economic as possible and have all the required physical & mechanical properties and durability. How the ready mixed concrete is produced is also mentioned.

Chemical & mineral additives: Various additives, their chemical structure, their effect on both fresh and hardened concrete properties and also their range of applicability are reviewed.

Management of material quality & concrete quality control: First the elements of quality management and the necessity of addressing material quality control is discussed. And afterwards factors effecting the improvement and preservation of concrete quality control is considered.

Pouring conditions of concrete in warm and cold weather: Due to the fact that a large part of the country is situated in warm and cold weather conditions, the considerations which should be taken into account when transporting and pouring concrete in warm and cold weather conditions are mentioned.

Special concrete: In this workshop, the properties of a variety of special concrete such as self compacting concrete, lightweight concrete, decorative concrete, high strength concrete or a combination of such material for the practical use by companies using ready mixed concrete are discussed.

Construction and transportation machinery: In this technical workshop, construction and transportation machinery are categorized and their performance regarding the working conditions are examined. Their efficiency are evaluated with respect to working conditions.

Pre-constructed parts: The mix design and the construction methods of precast concrete elements (kerb, concrete panels and blocks) along with the factors effecting their quality are discussed.

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