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Publication of "Handbook of Natural Zeolites" cooperated by CMI


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Saturday, 01 September 2012 12:30

Publication of "Handbook of Natural Zeolites" cooperated by CMI


"Handbook of Natural Zeolite" has been recently published in Bentham Science Publisher. This book, including 28 chapters and 694 pages, deals with characteristics and various applications of natural zeolites in industry. The chapter 27 of the book, entitled "Use of Natural Zeolite as Pozzolanic Material in Cement and Concrete Composites", was written by Dr. Shekarchi, Eng. Ahmadi, and Eng. Najimi. This chapter is a summary of research studies conducted by CMI on the use of natural zeolite in concrete and the published papers by other researchers. In this chapter, a variety of characteristics of concretes, mortars and grouts incorporating natural zeolite is discussed.
It is worth-mentioning that totally, 36 authors coming from 12 different countries, namely Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Sweden, UK, Turkey, Iran, Canada, Brazil and Australia have take part in writing of this book. The authors are mainly coming from Universities (61%) and public research institutes (28%) with considerable participation of private sector (11%) with diverse fields of knowledge.
The E-book can be purchased from flowing URL:

You are here: News News Publication of "Handbook of Natural Zeolites" cooperated by CMI
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