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Equipments & Facilities

Fresh concrete:

  • Slump test apparatus
  • Vebe consistometer
  • Bleeding test apparatus
  • Unit weight test apparatus
  • Air entrainment meter (pressure gauge type)
  • Mortar penetration resistance apparatus
  • SCC testing apparatus (V funnel, J ring, L box, U box, Segregation column, Electrical probe)


Hardened concrete:

  • Compression testing machine
  • Flexure testing machine
  • Modulus of elasticity accessories
  • Pull off tester
  • Plastic shrinkage test system
  • Drying shrinkage mould with measurement apparatus
  • Restrained shrinkage mould with measurement apparatus
  • Rapid chloride permeability test apparatus
  • Oxygen permeameter (Cembureau method)
  • Water permeability apparatus
  • Half cell digital corrosion meter
  • Carbonation test set
  • Freeze thaw test chamber
  • Profile grinder (for determination of chloride ion profile)
  • Core drilling machine


Non destructive tests:

  • Four point electrical resistivity meter
  • Schmidt hammer
  • Impact echo test system
  • Galva pulse equipment
  • Ultrasonic testing unit
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